MBA1437 Lessons Learned From a 1:1 with Every Team Member + Free Ride Friday

What do your employees really think?

It can be hard to find out. People are naturally more reserved in meetings, and can feel “evaluated” or cornered if asked too much in front of others. That’s why we decided to do individual, one-on-one sit-downs with each of our employees to get their feedback.

In other words, we had the employees evaluate the employers.

By having a private, intimate, low-stakes conversation, you can get the truth from the people you trust to run your business. You can discover hidden problems, and reveal assets you never considered. You can resolve issues you never knew existed, and strengthen your business overall.

Sometimes, just being heard is the greatest motivator.

Today, we discuss how to execute these 1:1 conversations — what to ask, how to ask, and how to act on the information you get. How well you know your team may determine how far they’re willing to go for you, and how invested they feel in the company’s success. Click Play!


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