MBA1441 How To Feel Good About Your Decisions

Second-guessing: some would say it’s a sign of healthy skepticism. But if it becomes a habit, it’s fatal to entrepreneurs.

When you run your own business, you are constantly faced with high-pressure decisions — way more often than people with conventional jobs. With every call you make, that little voice can be heard talking: was I right about that? Should I have [fill in the blank] instead?

Don’t “what if” yourself out of business.

There are simple steps you can take to make sure that while you don’t always make the right call, you make the call that made the most sense. While nothing can ensure you bat 1000 with all your decisions, you can rest easy knowing you didn’t make the kinds of mistakes that put your judgment into question.

It’s just a matter of preparation.

You can maximize the odds of every decision turning out to be correct by laying the groundwork. Today, we share the surprisingly easy precautions you can take that make all your decisions better — and let you sleep soundly knowing you did your best. Click Play!


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