MBA1440 Q&A Wednesday: What’s the biggest difference between a content business and a software business?

Content business vs. software business: which is right for you?

Today’s episode is a good place to start answering that question. It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping one listener understand the biggest, most fundamental difference between the two business models.

That difference is critical.

Content businesses (like The $100 MBA) require different skill sets, resources, and personnel to pull off than software business (like our webinar platform company, WebinarNinja). As you can see, we do both, so we’re intimately familiar with the differences — including the big one.

Hint: it’s about what customers expect from you in return for their money.

We’ll discuss how this difference affects your role as founder, the relationships you’ll have with customers, and your decision to choose one model or the other. Both have their challenges — which one suits your skills and talents? 

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