MBA1443 Must Read: Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

We’re not good at understanding each other. And that’s bad for business.

Malcolm Gladwell has made a massive career out of noticing — patterns, syndromes, common social threads. He’s sold millions of copies of books like The Tipping Point and Outliers. His latest, Talking to Strangers, tackles another big, broad topic: human interaction.

How we relate to people we don’t know has a massive impact, especially for entrepreneurs.

The way you handle new people has implications for everything in business, from customer service to networking to partnerships. The skill of getting to know someone can change everything — but it’s a skill you have to develop.

In fact, Gladwell argues that generally, we’re awful at figuring each other out.

Today, we’ll discuss how business people can utilize the lessons of this book, and why we all need to question our instincts and assumptions about others. As Gladwell illustrates with a variety of real-world examples, failures in our evaluation of others can have drastic consequences. 

It’s something most of us don’t even realize we don’t even realize. See what we mean: Click Play!


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Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell