MBA1472 Are You Confusing Your Customers? + Free Ride Friday

Marketing only has a few unbreakable rules. One of them is to never overwhelm the prospect with too much information.

Confusion is kryptonite for sales. But it can be incredibly hard to know when you’re confusing your audience. That’s because it’s exceedingly difficult for someone on the inside of a business to understand the outsider’s perspective.

Unfortunately, all customers are outsiders by definition.

Today, we’ll discuss how to streamline, simplify, and otherwise make it easier for your audience to understand what’s going on. Because only then can they be expected to truly consider a purchase.

You’ll never be perfectly inside your customers’ heads (wouldn’t that be nice?). 

But you can have a grasp of how much information an average person can process before they tap out and move on. Listen in , and see if your messaging needs a little whittling down. Click Play!


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