MBA1477 Outsourcing Your Most Time Consuming Tasks + Free Ride Friday

Forget the dollar, the euro, the pound. The most valuable currency on Earth is time.

So let’s get you more of it.

Odds are, you’re doing things you don’t have to. These tasks are thieves, robbing you of the  precious resource of time — a resource that can’t be replenished. Your time alive is a bank account from which you can only make withdrawals. When you run a business, it’s easy to lose track of how much is coming out.

You might be surprised just how much time you can save, when you take a look at your day systematically.

Today, we’ll explain how to conduct a time inventory, and offload the biggest time-suckers to other people. You may find that what you think are small, quick tasks are actually adding up to hours per week of waste. 

Don’t surrender another second!

We’ll share strategies and resources you can use to accurately diagnose your time usage, identify the waste, and get it off your plate. The best part? As shocked as you might be by where your time is going, you may be just as surprised at how affordable it is to outsource. 

What’s the point of entrepreneurship, if not to gain the freedom to live life? Take these tips, get some time back, and use it however you want — before your time runs out. Click Play!


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