MBA1493 Must Read: Walt Disney by Neal Gabler

Where does innovation come from? What about the greatest game-changers lets them see opportunities the rest of us miss? What is genius?

Walt Disney is a perfect case study.

Neal Gabler’s Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination is the most detailed, exhaustively researched portrait of Mickey’s creator ever written. It takes a deep dive into the personality that saw things as they were, but imagined what could be — and had the creativity to make it happen.

This book is no PR-friendly fluff piece, though.

The biography also explores the hard part about being naturally innovative: being different, being misunderstood, and struggling to make sense to the people around you. “Who is Walt Disney?” is a question that has as many answers as people who knew him – and they’re not all positive.

In a way Steve Jobs would later bring to mind, Disney changed everything by seeing where things were heading and adapting existing products. But he ability to see through the fog of the present and get a jump on the future isn’t just for “geniuses.” It’s something we can all cultivate.

That starts with studying the ones who did it best. Click Play!


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