MBA1506 How to Use Content Swaps To Grow Your Audience

Sometimes, the best way to find your audience is to borrow someone else’s.

Content swapping is a classic, tried-and-true method of growing your brand awareness. It’s so well-established, it doesn’t even feel right calling it a “hack.” But whatever you call it, it works.

Today, we’ll explain how to execute this smart, efficient way to boost your profile with a little help from a friend.

The first step is choosing the company you’ll want to partner with. For some reason, many new entrepreneurs assume this should be a competitor. But as we’ll illustrate with examples from our own business, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, your ideal collaborator may be in the last industry you’d expect.

This is a tactic we’ve used over and over. We’ve developed some simple SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and best practices to make sure it goes smoothly. Feel free to use them for your next collaboration. Click Play!


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