MBA1537 4 Essential Purchases When Starting a Business + Free Ride Friday

Digital or physical, online or brick & mortar, every business needs a few things at the start. 

These are the non-negotiables, the 4 things that every single business can’t really function and thrive without. These are your first investments, literally the cost of doing business when you’re first getting started. This is where to spend your capital!

Get these things covered, and don’t waste money on non-essentials (until you’re profiting).

Today, we’ll list the 4 must-haves, and explain why they’re so fundamentally necessary. We’ll also discuss a few things you don’t need, but that far too many new entrepreneurs waste resources on. 

Invest wisely, and put your business on a firm footing from Day One.

Remember — for small business, debt is rarely your friend. That’s why it’s so important to put profit first. By focusing on the bare essentials early on, you can establish a healthy bottom line to grow from. Click Play!


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