MBA1546 3 Big Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We’re all for affiliate marketing.

It’s one of the best ways to monetize your expertise, content, and following. It’s a fantastic passive(ish) revenue stream, whether you’re a full-time affiliate, a side hustler, or just someone who likes to share great products with people who would benefit from them.

But you can do it wrong. Way wrong.

Unfortunately, many people run into some common pitfalls —  and destroy their brand and reputation. By blindly chasing commissions, you run the risk of spending the “trust capital” you’ve earned, earning a little money but losing the faith of your audience.

Today, we’ll explore the 3 biggest ways in which affiliate marketers squander trust, cheapen their reputation, and lose business. While affiliate marketing is an undeniably great strategy, it’s one that requires careful attention to proper execution. 

Get your affiliate strategy right, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits without losing an ounce of credibility. Click Play!


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