MBA1547 Are Lifestyle Businesses Real? + Free Ride Friday

This whole “laptop on the beach” thing…it’s BS, right?

Yes and no.

As independent entrepreneurs, we’ve often wondered what we’re doing wrong. We see these other founders globe-hopping, working out of Parisian cafes and beachside bungalows for a few hours before getting back to the “lifestyle” of many people’s dreams.

But it turns out there’s a little more to it.

Today, we discuss where the marketing ends and the reality begins. From 4-hour workweeks to “passive” income and more, the promise of a certain lifestyle is dangled in front of would-be entrepreneurs by coaches, authors, and other popular influencers. 

It’s not all smoke and mirrors. But everything has its tradeoffs. 

Life can’t be “hacked,” exactly. But it can be approached creatively, differently, and independently. Tune in, and hear some examples of true “lifestyle business” leaders, and why what works for them (and you, maybe) doesn’t work for everyone — including us. Click Play!


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