MBA1556 How Too Much Content on Your Website Can Harm Your Business

You’re posting too much content.

I know, sounds crazy right? But something changed. 

Specifically, the algorithm Google uses to rank website pages made a major shift. While in simpler times, regularly posting content was a solid strategy for getting to Page One, that’s no longer true. Too many pages = depressed ranking.

Less is seriously more now.

Today, we’ll discuss how quality has completely knocked quantity out of the SEO debate. As a result, marketers are scrambling to cut content from their sites, keeping only the most comprehensive, valuable stuff — and deleting or merging the rest.

SEO: it’s never boring!

Keeping up with changes in how search engines calculate results is just one of those things businesses have to do. Tune in, and learn what your site — in particular your blog — should look like now. Then start trimming the fat! Click Play!


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