MBA1785 How To Build a Software That Scales – Brought To You by Dell

Starting a SaaS business? Plan for success.

Decisions you make early on can limit or expand your company’s potential. To give your software the best chance at the biggest market share, you have to create the space to grow! 

Today, we explain how.

When we started our own software business, we did a few things right from Day One. We also did a few things really, really wrong (and paid the price later). If you’re getting ready to launch, let our experience be your guide!

In this episode, we share the highs and lows we experienced in the early days of our company, WebinarNinja. We’ll recommend the best tools, and share 3 specific tactics that are super-crucial in your company’s infancy.

Today’s lesson is part of Dell Technologies’ Small Business Podference, a specially curated collection of the best advice for entrepreneurs. Be sure to check out the other entries at

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