MBA1788 Guest Teacher – Michael Redman – How to Leverage the Power of a Super Niche

You’ve probably heard you should “niche down.” Well, today’s special guest wants you to niche down even further!

Author, speaker, and consultant Michael Redman is here to introduce us to the “super niche.” It’s a market so small and specified that — counterintuitively — it’s worth its weight in gold. 

So how do you find yours?

Join Michael as he explains how to identify and serve a niche-within-a-niche market. With low (or no) competition, ultra-niche services can be incredibly valuable to the people who need them. It’s all about taking the time to figure out who isn’t being served, and becoming their hero.

Whether you say “neesh” or “nich,” there’s an opportunity out there no one else is taking. Why not you? Click Play!


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