MBA1863 Guest Teacher – Walter Hill, Jr. – How To Maximize Profits With Red Flagging

Businesses don’t die overnight.

Usually, it happens gradually. It takes a year, or two, or five. That’s because what kills a business isn’t always something big, obvious, or dramatic. Systemic flaws, nagging problems, and other issues that seem small — but add up over time — are the most likely culprit. 

So how can you protect your business? 

How can you identify and address the problems you might not even see ‘till it’s too late? 

Today’s guest teacher has an answer. Walter Hill, Jr. is a second-generation entrepreneur who’s mastered something vital: “red flagging.” Red flagging is the art of seeing deeply into your business and recognizing the telltale signs of structural problems. 

We’ve taken his advice, and it’s helped keep our business alive. 

Learn what to look for, and how to look for it. Protect your revenue and your company’s long-term future. Click Play!


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