MBA1867 How I Create Video Lead Magnets That Convert Part 2 + Free Ride Friday

Does your content marketing include videos? 

If not, it’s time to change that!

We’re continuing with our deep-dive lesson on creating video marketing assets. Yesterday, we focused on the video itself and its content. Today, we explain where to put that video on your website, and how to turn it into a lead-generating machine.

The best part? Once it’s set up, the rest mostly takes care of itself.

Learn exactly what to do with your video, step by step. From the web pages you’ll need, to the email campaigns you’ll convert viewers with, we’ve got the low-down on building a reliable video-based funnel. We’ll share each step in the process, plus recommendations for the tools to get it done.

Create video content, and let it open the door to deeper relationships with your audience. After all, that’s how they ultimately become your customers. Click Play!


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