MBA1915 Q&A Wednesday: I’ve lost thousands on paid ads and can’t get new customers. Can you help?

Paid advertising can supercharge your growth — or just drain your budget.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one of our listeners has a problem. They’ve spent $20k on paid advertising, and gotten squat as a result. Facebook, Insta, YouTube, and more have produced nothing in terms of conversions, despite their dumping a used car’s worth of money into ads.

What’s going on here?

Today, we explore what could be causing this problem, and how to improve the ROI on paid ads. More importantly, we discuss why small business owners should not jump into spending too much too soon on paid ads.

Before you start throwing money down the well, listen to this lesson, and reevaluate how to make paid ads a part of your overall strategy. Click Play!


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