MBA1564 Special Guest Lesson: A Masterclass in Email Marketing with Steffen Schebesta

Don’t miss this one. 

It’s an in-depth interview with someone who saw a special niche in a very, very competitive industry, and filled it successfully. It’s a true Master Class in both business-building and one of the most important aspects of digital marketing: email.

No, email isn’t “dead,” or anywhere close to it. Yes, the money is still “in the list.” Today’s guest, and his story, are proof.

Steffen Schebesta is the co-founder of Sendinblue, an email marketing service that elbowed its way through better-funded competition to serve small businesses. He sat down with Omar to explain exactly how small-to-midsize companies can get email marketing right — even if they’re just getting into it.

Today’s conversation covers everything from how Steffen built Sendinblue and why, to how everyone can optimize their business with the right approach to email, and digital messaging broadly. 

Plus, Steffen’s got a very special, very generous offer for a limited number of listeners. 

This extended conversation is perfect for anyone looking to get maximum results from every email campaign. Click Play!


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