MBA1931 Why We Launched a Free Plan

We’re making a huge change to our business — and you’re invited to witness.

As many listeners know, we run a SaaS business. Our webinar software has been on the market since 2014, and growing steadily. This week, we’re taking a big leap: ditching our free trial, and moving to a completely free plan with no expiration.

In other words, we’ve decided to give our product away.

…well, a version of it, anyway. The “freemium” model is all the rage, and likely to continue. So after consulting with friends and experts, we’ve decided to let our product do the marketing for us.

Today, we discuss how we arrived at this decision, what we hope to get out of it, and how we’re executing the big transition. It’s a scary, exciting time — join us for the ride, and see if a freemium approach can work for you. Click Play!


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