MBA1958 Must Read: The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library by Jim Rohn

Get ready for a (seriously) life-changing book.

The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library is a collection of lectures and lessons from the one and only — you guessed it — Jim Rohn. The O.G. of self-help and personal development, Rohn taught and inspired countless individuals to be their best selves.

Now, the best of his life’s work is distilled into a power-packed audiobook.

The Library is truly the ‘best of’ one of the best of entrepreneurs. Rohn’s straightforward advice rings as true as ever, as you’re guided through insights on business, life, and everything in between.

Learn how to get the most from this book. Hear our top takeaways from this incredible compilation, and see why Rohn has earned his place as one of the most influential professional inspirers of all time. 

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The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library by Jim Rohn