MBA2002 How To Greatly Improve Your Chances of Success + Free Ride Friday

Everything starts in your mind.

Have you ever heard advice that sounds generally true, but too broad, obvious, or simple to actually take action on? Does the above seem like that kind of advice?

Often, the problem isn’t with the advice. It’s that we’re not really putting it into practice.

Today, Omar shares what might be the single most important principle he lives by — one to which he credits his success in business and other pursuits. It might sound a little woo-woo, or too simple to actually make a huge impact. But it’s worked wonders.

Spoiler alert: it’s not a finance strategy or a workout regimen. It’s something you do to make sure your mind is where it needs to be, to make everything possible.

Learn this keystone strategy, one that’s been passed down through multiple generations of entrepreneurs. Hear how you can apply it to your own goals. And see what happens when you really, truly, live by it. Click Play!


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