MBA2017 Does Scarcity Actually Get More Sales? + Free Ride Friday

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As consumers, we’re told this all the time by people trying to get sales. If you don’t buy ASAP, you’ll miss out on a great deal, or even the chance to buy altogether.

But is it…bull? 

Is scarcity just another manipulative tool used by unscrupulous salespeople? More importantly, is scarcity a tool you should use? FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can be a powerful motivator. But is it effective — and ethical?

Today, we explore the concept, and how to execute it without feeling gross.

Scarcity, when genuine, is not a trick. It’s a reality you’re letting your customers in on, potentially to their genuine advantage. By dropping the games and offering people a truly win-win scenario, you can use the scarcity principle to boost sales in an honest way.

Find out how — Click Play!


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