MBA2040 Q&A Wednesday: Do I need a virtual assistant if I am just getting started?

For a brand-new business, is a VA (virtual assistant) worth it?

When you’re starting out, staying lean is a top priority. Which is why it struck one of our listeners as a little counterintuitive that we’re so bullish on hiring VAs. 

It’s Q&A Wednesday! This listener is only weeks into a new business, and wants to know if a VA is really, truly a wise investment at this stage. We understand; a hire is a significant expense. But it might not be as significant as you think — and it might be more valuable than you imagine.

Today, we’ll explain how to decide exactly what your hypothetical VA would do with their time, where to find VA candidates, and how to choose the right one. Plus, we’ll discuss how to evaluate whether you’re really getting your budget’s worth.

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