MBA2045 Q&A Wednesday: Should I learn how to build my own app or should I hire someone?

You have an awesome idea for an app. You’re sure it would address a real need in the marketplace. You’re ready to do the work of marketing and selling it.

…but you couldn’t code your way out of a wet paper bag.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a listener with a fairly common question: to engineer or not to engineer? Theoretically, anyone can learn to develop software. That said, theoretically anyone can learn how to fix their own car; that doesn’t mean it’s the right move.

Fortunately, Omar definitely has some experience in this arena, having initially developed the software for our SaaS product. Spoiler alert, though: eventually we hired a real-deal software engineer because…well, because they’re really good at that kind of thing.

Today, we discuss the factors to consider when you’re deciding between a pro and a DIY approach. Is the time and effort required to learn an entire new skill set worth it? That all depends — Click Play!


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