MBA2054 Is Being Liked Important in Business?

Does being nice, funny, or likable even matter?

Lots of jerks are successful in business, right? But is there any tangible evidence that likeability and profitability go together? 

The impact of your personal brand on your business brand is hard to measure. But it’s pretty impossible to argue that a well-liked personality who puts smiles on people’s faces doesn’t have a positive effect on sales. 

Can we be aware of this? Can we incorporate it into our marketing strategy? Omar has some opinions on the issue.

Today, we discuss the relationship between you, the way you act, the way you’re perceived, and the success of your business. Can an unlikeable person create and sell an incredible product? Would people buy it anyway? Can a sub-par product sell, if the right face is on the ads and content?

Join us as we explore the relationship between branding and personal branding. Click Play!


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