MBA2074 4 Cold Emailing Tips if You Hate Cold Emailing

Cold emailing works — just maybe not the way you think it does.

Sending an unsolicited message to a complete stranger is…awkward at best. But ask any successful independent business founder, and you’ll find that it’s almost unavoidable.

Creating a stronger network (and a stronger business) means you can’t be afraid to reach out, even when it’s downright uncomfortable. You have to power through the awkwardness to get results! 

But first, you can take a few steps to raise your odds of success.

Today, we share 4 things that make our cold emails work more often. Note we said “more often,” not always. Yes, you will be ignored. Yes, you will be rejected. But not every time. 

It’s a simple matter of doing everything you can to improve your stats, and realizing that even one successful cold email can be worth a dozen fails. Tune in, and learn how a few consistent practices can make your cold emails a little warmer. 

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