MBA2108 Must Read: Sell It Like a Mango by Donald Kelly

You can get better at selling, just by thinking about it differently.

Too many of us approach sales as an intimidating or mysterious skill — or worse, as a form of manipulation. As a result, we shy away from it. We think of it as one of those necessary evils that we just have to do to run a business.

But what if sales isn’t like that at all?

Sell It Like a Mango is a practical, easy read that’ll reframe your thinking about selling. Based on the author’s long experience in sales (starting with his childhood among Jamaican fruit vendors), this book looks at selling in a different, more practical, more human way.

In other words, it explains how sales is something we can all do naturally. In fact, most of us already do, whether we realize it or not.

Hear our takeaways from this excellent guide, and learn how the basics of effective sales don’t change, from fruit to software. Click Play!


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