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MBA2111 Should You Diversify or Go All In With One Business?

You’re supposed to diversify and spread risk. But ideally, you’re also supposed to focus on one thing at a time.

What’s an entrepreneur to do?

For some of us, businesses are like potato chips or tattoos — it’s hard to have just one. That’s why so many independent founders have 2, 3, or more brands going at the same time. Is this some kind of addictive behavior? Or is it a smart way to keep your eggs in different baskets?

Or is it both?

Today, we explore the ups and downs of running multiple businesses at once. Naturally, we juggle our podcast and our SaaS (and occasionally, other stuff too). Does it stretch us too thin, or does it maximize our chances of success?

Learn what factors you should consider before spinning those extra plates, and make a well-considered decision about what works best for you and your goals. Click Play!


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