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MBA2110 Q&A Wednesday: Am I paying myself enough?

It can be easy to forget when you run your own business: you’re an employee, too. 

As such, you need compensation as much as anyone else on the team. No one can run a business when they can’t pay their rent. But too often, we feel like every dime we take for ourselves is somehow stolen from the company. 

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one of our listeners is finally starting to see some real traction in their small business’s growth. Until now, our listener has been taking survival wages, just enough to keep lights on. But now that there’s more money coming in, how much is the founder entitled to?

Omar has definitely been there.

Serious consideration of founder pay is something too many entrepreneurs skip. It matters to you and your business how much you make. Moreover, it matters to the fundamental mission of your business, your big “why.” 

Today, we explore how to calculate the right number for you and your business. Plan your personal financial growth in the context of your business growth, so that you and the whole team succeed together. 

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