MBA2113 Guest Teacher – Dave Charest – How to Attract and Retain a Strong and Loyal Customer Base

For a small business, customer loyalty is the best guarantee of success.

Ultra-happy customers create more business for you than any amount of marketing or advertising. Word of mouth is — and always will be — the undisputed champion of business growth, stability, and long-term success.

So how do you create those die-hards?

Today, special guest teacher Dave Charest is here with a system you can use to be discovered by your (soon to be) loyal supporters. Dave is the Director of SMB Success at Constant Contact, with access to loads of data on what really, truly works to drive engagement.

With specific tips for 3 key areas of base-building, Dave will help you forge your biggest asset: your biggest fans. Learn how to help people discover your brand, turn them into customers, and leverage their passion for what you do. 

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