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MBA2235 Q&A Wednesday: Can I monetize my podcast that only has 500 listeners an episode?

Success isn’t a matter of size.

In fact, you can make a decent profit with even a small audience — if you know how to monetize it.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping a fellow podcaster figure out how to generate revenue. Our listener has their own podcast audience of about 500. Not massive, but not anything to sneeze at either. Is that a big enough crowd to attract some podcast sponsors? If not, then what?

Today, we’ll explore how even the most niche audience can be a gold mine. 

We’ll discuss different ways to monetize a podcast, including (but definitely not limited to) scoring sponsorships. Wherever even a small number of people are consistently showing up for your expertise, there’s opportunity. 

Learn how even a modest following can be the foundation of a great business. If 500 people consistently want to hear what you have to say, you know something worth paying for. Click Play!


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