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MBA2237 How Make 10K a Month with Live Courses + Free Ride Friday

There are lots of ways to share what you know.

But one is the most complete, comprehensive, and effective: live courses.

They’re the closest thing to teaching someone in person. More intimate than a blog post or YouTube video, more in-depth than a webinar, the live course is the ultimate way to sell your unique knowledge and experience.

Today, we’ll explain how that’s easily worth $10k per month.

We’ll share the three basic steps to creating, marketing, and selling a killer live course. If you’re intimidated by the thought — don’t be! You might be surprised how easy it is, especially with one particular tool we’ll discuss.

Plus, we’ll explain why live courses get better results (and are therefore worth more) than other modes of online teaching and training. 

If you’re thinking about monetizing your knowledge with a live course, start with this episode. Get the overview of how you can pull it off, plus find out where to get even more in-depth training — with us! Click Play!


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Workshop: How to Earn $10k/Month With Live Courses