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MBA2317 Focusing on Marketing vs. Focusing on Product + Free Ride Friday

Business is a tightrope: lean too far in one direction, and you’ll fall. That’s why every entrepreneur has to carefully balance producing and developing their product against marketing and selling it. 

How do you know if you’re doing too much or too little of either?

Without sufficient marketing and sales, funds dry up, and you can’t ensure your product meets peoples’ needs. But if you neglect product development in favor of marketing and sales, all the marketing and sales in the world won’t save your business from an inferior offering. 

So how can you strike the right balance? 

Today, we dive into the dance between these two vital components. We’ll share insights on how to ensure harmony between product development and sales, and offer tips on how to tell if your business needs to shift in one direction or the other.

We’ll explore how to allocate your time, money, and resources, and how your balance of priorities should change at different stages of your business growth. Plus, we’ll share a few ways to improve your efforts in both areas.

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