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MBA2366 Q&A Wednesday: What’s the difference between a CRM and an Email Marketing software?

Are you confused about the differences between a CRM and an email marketing software? Are you wondering which one you need for your online business?

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your business, this is a vital distinction to understand. In this episode, we’ll dive into the differences between a CRM and an email marketing software, as well as how to determine which one is right for you. It’s crucial not only to invest your money wisely but also your time and effort as you learn how to leverage these tools effectively.

Remember, selecting the right tools for your business should be based on your present needs and growth projections. Join us as Omar breaks down the definitions of a CRM and email marketing software, explores their purposes and functionalities, and discusses when it’s best to use each one in your business journey. Click Play!


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