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MBA2448 Don’t Make These 3 BIG Team Member Offboarding Mistakes

What do you do when a team member leaves your company? Are you guilty of making these three big blunders when saying goodbye to team members? Ever wonder what happens when someone leaves? And are you handling it correctly when they do?

Offboarding is often an overlooked part of team management, but starting today, it won’t be for your business. Omar is diving deep into the art of offboarding team members. Get ready to delve into the nitty-gritty of offboarding and learn how to handle it like a pro. Omar walks you through the three major mistakes businesses commonly make when offboarding team members. Discover why offboarding matters, how to end relationships on a positive note, why having a checklist is crucial, and the importance of getting feedback to improve your offboarding game.

This episode is a must-listen. Omar’s got some real-life examples and juicy tips to share, so you won’t want to miss out – click play!


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