MBA491 Q&A Weekends: Can I use New York in my product name? With Guest Teacher: David Lizerbram


A big shout out to Reggie for asking his question to us before making any decisions or taking any further steps for his business. He’s asking if it’s okay to put the word New York in his product name and even have it printed on the product itself. The rightful person to answer this is a lawyer. Luckily, David Lizerbram from, our lawyer and the host of the hit podcast Products of the Mind is here to join us and happily answer Reggie’s question! Click play now to listen to the episode!


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  • Ross Williams

    This was a fantastic episode. Josh gave me a lot to think about in regards to PR and the next steps in my new business. Thank you Omar for another great Podcast!

    • Nicole Baldinu

      Thanks Ross for listening! Glad you enjoyed – Josh is a top-notch teacher!!