MBA862 How To Know Your Business is Failing


Every new business owner has doubts. That’s healthy! If you’re in that crucial first year or two, it’s important to be brutally honest with yourself in order to make sure you’re on track to succeed. Are you really making it? How can you best answer that question? What needs to be analyzed in order to get the most accurate picture of where your business is headed?

Today, we’re talking about the one thing — that’s right, one thing— that determines whether your business makes it or not. Beyond marketing, beyond product design, beyond advertising, there is one thing that separates the ones that sink from the ones that swim: profitability. No matter how innovative the product (or not), no matter how brilliant the marketing (or not), profitability is what matters.

We discuss how to assess your profitability, what resources can help you do so accurately, and what to do if the picture the numbers paint looks ugly. Get ready to do the math— it just might save your business. Click play!


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