MBA866 How To Stay Focused with Large Projects


Go big! When a large project is looming, how can you prepare yourself to tackle it? With so much to be done, how can you create a feasible timetable? Today, we’re outlining exactly how to plot and execute long-term projects. Our biggest project ever, WebinarNinja 5.0, is launching soon. This project was over a year in the making, so we thought we’d share the exact strategy we used to stay focused, motivated, and on task over the long haul.

In a way, it’s easier to accomplish something when you have less time! That’s because you can see the endgame from where you are. But when the end of the tunnel is far, far away, you’ve got to strategize. You’ve got to think abstractly. Most of all, you’ve got to be at your most goal-oriented and consistent. It can be done! Our specific, step-by-step, actionable plan is applicable to any long-term goal in any kind of business. Tune in, learn how it’s done, and take on your next big project with confidence. Click play!


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