MBA867 Building a Customer Support Team


Customer service isn’t just support for users of your product. It’s part of the product! The price should represent not only what’s sold, but also what your customers know will happen when they need to reach out. Ensuring that customer service is done right means (eventually) hiring people who can do it. How can you best build that team? When should you start? How can you ensure that the people in charge of keeping your customers happy will do so?

Today we discuss the process by which we built our customer support team, starting with our first hire. We detail the exact procedures, tools, and resources available. From finding the right people, to training and integrating them into your business culture, to finally entrusting them with the autonomy that frees you up to do other things, we’ve got a process that works. We’ll tell you when to do it, how to do it, and why customer service is so integral to entrepreneurial success. Build a team you can trust! Click play!


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