MBA875 Lessons Learned After a Year of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads: are they worth it? That’s a question many an entrepreneur asks themselves. Fortunately, we’ve got some insight. We’ve spent the last year running targeted ads on Facebook for our software, WebinarNinja. We’ve seen what the costs- both stated and hidden- are. We’ve seen what kind of effort it takes to make a successful campaign. And we’ve seen exactly how effective it is, provided it’s done right.

The major misunderstanding about Facebook ads is that they’re just something you create once, and let Facebook do the rest. Unfortunately, there’s much more to it than that. A “set it and forget it” attitude won’t get you much by way of conversions! That’s why we’ve detailed exactly what needs to go into a successful, long-term Facebook ad campaign. We’ll help you do the math on cost, skills and personnel needed. We’ll show you how to do everything you need to get the best ROI from The Social Network.

There’s more to advertising on Facebook than many people are willing to discuss. There’s a lot in this episode that you won’t hear anywhere else. Before you pull the trigger, give this one a good listen. Click Play!


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