MBA882 The Working While Traveling Experiment P3: Applying Your Travel Experiences to Your Business

Fasten your seatbelts, and return your seats and tray tables to the upright position! We’re crossing the globe to find out if it’s really possible to build a business while seeing the world. If location independence is on your list of entrepreneurial dreams, this is the podcast for you! Today’s deep-dive business lesson is Part 3 in our 8-part series on working while traveling.

We’re hitting 15 cities in various nations over 8 incredible weeks, all the while finding out what it takes to stay productive. This week, we’re in Italy. The culture is ancient, but the lessons in productivity, innovation, and achievement are timeless. We’re letting some of humanity’s oldest works inspire new ideas about setting expectations, overcoming obstacles, and daring to go big— Roman Colosseum big! Join us as we reflect on how travel experiences can change the way you see your small business.

We don’t just think you can travel while you’re working. As today’s episode reveals, traveling can actually improve the quality of your work. It can expand your mind, uncover new possibilities, and shake off doubts. Specifically, we’ve had 3 experiences in Italy that affected our professional outlook in practical, actionable ways. It’s an exciting journey, and we’d love to share it with you— Click Play!


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