MBA946 How To Have a Productive Home Office

Working from home: it can be the greatest. No commute, no cubicles, no dress code! But if your home office isn’t conducive to work, it can backfire.

We’ve tried everything from private offices to shared coworking spaces, but in the end, we settled on the convenience of a home office. Today, we discuss how to set up your home office to maximize results, creating a dedicated, minimalist space that breeds the right mood and mindset to get things done.

We offer tips on how to choose the right room, how to set it up for writing, recording, filming, and conferencing, and how to minimize distractions. We even weigh in on the great standing vs sitting desk debate (the answer is both). With full control of your space, you have more freedom than your average office worker — but you also have more responsibility. Learn how to set your space (and yourself) up for success. Click Play!


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