MBA889 How to Grow Your Business With Webinars

At The $100 MBA, we’ve always believed in the philosophy of ABM: Always Be Marketing.

Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes more than a great product and a can-do attitude. While starting a business takes some work, it’s maintaining and growing a business that poses the greatest challenge. That’s why a constant, consistent marketing effort is the difference between a business that could’ve been and a business that continues to be, year after year. Marketing is everything— and webinars are the future of marketing.

Content marketing comes in many forms. Blogs, videos, email campaigns, social media outreach: they’re all well and good, and should all be a part of your content marketing arsenal. But the most undervalued marketing tool in existence is the webinar, hands down. Webinars are powerful. Webinars work. Webinars bolster and legitimize every other piece of content you put out there. Too many entrepreneurs are either intimidated by webinars, or aren’t yet convinced of their effectiveness.

We’d like to change that.

We know what you’re thinking, loyal listeners— don’t Omar and Nicole also run a webinar software company? Yes, we do, and we understand if our enthusiasm for webinars seems a little…convenient. But the truth of the matter is this: we don’t believe in webinars because we run a webinar company. We run a webinar company because we believe in webinars. Our message has always been that success rests on credibility. And there’s no more direct, effective way to build credibility than to turn on a camera, strap on a mic, and meet your audience face to virtual face. Potential customers need to know they can trust you. Webinars can prove you’re worth trusting.

Sales and marketing aren’t about manipulating consumers. They’re not even about convincing or persuading. They’re about educating. Webinars allow you to approach marketing like a teacher. Rather than trying to convince an audience of something you want them to believe (ie, that you and your product are genuinely valuable), you simply show them something true. Show your audience a genuine solution to their problem, and you won’t have to “sell” a thing! That’s what webinars can do.

Today we discuss why webinars are so effective, what you can do to prepare for one, and why everything that might scare you about webinars is nothing to fear. Our groundbreaking webinar platform, WebinarNinja 5.0, is coming just around the corner, and we want our $100 MBA audience to be ready.

Whatever platform you choose to use, give webinars a chance. They won’t let you down. Learn how— and why— they work. Click Play!


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