MBA912 What I Learned From My Biggest Challenges in 2017 + Free Ride Friday!

It’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!! For the first time in 2018, we’re giving away a special gift to one lucky listener. We’re also looking back at 2017, and discussing the lessons learned from the most intense business challenges we had to face. And boy, did we ever face some doozies. After a wild year in which we completely re-launched our webinar software, WebinarNinja, the insights we gained were commensurate with the uphill battles we fought.

Reflection is one of the most important things an entrepreneur can do, in order to grow. Join us as we discuss all the things wish we knew going into 2017. We learned these things the hard way, so our listeners don’t have to! Take these lessons into 2018, just as we will. Struggle, reflect, grow, repeat — Click Play!


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