MBA971 How To Improve the Quality of Your Email List

Sit down for this one: your email list might be too big.

When it comes to email contacts, quality beats quantity every time. Besides that, excessive quantity can actually hurt your bottom line. Making sure you have a “lean list” is crucial to getting a good ROI on whatever you’re paying for email services (you’re not just using your personal email, right?).

Today, we discuss how to make sure you have the right contacts, not just the most.

A small list of engaged contacts is worth more to your business than a million inboxes where your emails get filtered, deleted, or otherwise ignored. Applying the right strategies to collecting emails will help ensure that the addresses you capture are high quality, conversion-ready contacts with the potential to become customers — not just audience members.

Ditch the vanity metrics! Tune in, and learn how to tell which of your contacts are helping your business grow, not just your list size. Click Play!


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