MBA978 Must Read: Exactly What To Say by Phil M Jones

Nervous about sales? There’s a Must-Read Book Review for that.

Exactly What to Say by Phil M Jones is exactly what the title promises: a collection of phrases that will help you make sales. These key phrases encompass sales strategies that work for every kind of business and product. It’s a short, easy read that you’ll refer to again and again when crafting your personal sales strategy.

These phrases, used verbatim in the right context, are absolute gems. They make use of human and social psychology to trigger the interest and curiosity that opens the door for sales. On this episode, we explain how these simple phrases work, and share a few that we’ve found most useful in our own sales situations.

Learn how to introduce your product and explain its value effectively. Arm yourself with the exact words you need to gain confidence in the sales arena. Click Play!


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