MBA977 How to Build a Business On The Side P2 + Free Ride Friday!

Ready to make your side gig your full-time career?

Yesterday, we laid out the first phases of our detailed action plan for building your own business on the side while maintaining your regular 9-to-5 job. Today, we continue that lesson with the final instructions you’ll need to transition out of conventional work and into entrepreneurship.

Last time, we covered the foundational steps of organizing your time and resources, validating your business idea, and crafting your first minimum viable product. Today, we discuss how to turn your initial product into an actual, honest-to-goodness business. Tune in, and hear the exact steps you’ll have to take to establish your funding, profitability, and marketing before ultimately making your big move.

We also discuss how to improve your product via customer feedback, tweaking it to perfection until your business is truly off the ground. Finally, we offer advice on making a smooth transition out of your day job and into full-time, profitable, viable independent business.

It’s a long journey, but the first step is here! Click Play!


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