MBA993 Special Guest Lesson: Exactly How To Start An Online Store with Katie Swett

Selling physical goods online? Setting up your eCommerce store is easier than ever, given the tools available. But whichever service you choose, it’s important to know the basics of creating an online store that’s optimized for sales.

Today, we’re trying something new: an interview with an ecommerce expert. We’re talking with Katie Swett, Group Project Manager at Weebly. Weebly is a sponsor of the show, but don’t worry — this isn’t a pitch. It’s an in-depth lesson on everything from the design of your ecommerce site, to the sales copy you feature, to the supplemental tools and services available.

Katie and Omar discuss the best ways to establish your store online, right down to the best payment processing and shipping services to use. It’s an info-packed interview you can’t miss if you plan to sell physical goods from an online space. Click Play!


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