A Pain Worth Solving


If you read this blog, read any of our guides, or have listened to our podcast, you’ll know we are firm believers that the best products, services and businesses for that matter come from solving a pain. Creating solutions is really what great entrepreneurs do. Solving a pain can be a great foundation for your business.

Let’s take a classic example used in many marketing books. Pharmaceutical commercials are the epitome of this example. “Suffering from extreme headaches? Stomach pain? Skin irritation? Do not worry because you will experience relief soon, thanks to this drug.”

The bottom line is, if you want to have a successful and sustainable business, then you must think of ways to solve particular problems, or as I would like to call them, “pains”.

After all, people in general are after solutions. But where do you start? How do you discover and then solve a pain?

Discovering and Solving Your Audience’s Pain: 3 Reminders

1. Be familiar with the pain yourself 

Remember that you can never resolve a problem that is a stranger to you, so be realistic. Don’t go looking for a better way to scuba dive if you have never gone for a dive yourself.  Any problem, regardless of how big or small it is, is still worth solving. Again, it’s important that you focus on a problem that relates with you personally. There are tons of problems out there, but only a few these truly deserve your attention.

 2. Come up with the simplest and most efficient solution

Now that you have identified that particular pain or problem that you would like to solve, it’s now time to think of solutions. Where does this pain originate? How does it affect people? How can this solution be felt or experienced immediately by the affected, which includes you?

Coming up with a viable solution to a problem is one of the best ways to establish the brand of your business. Think of it as your chance to shine and your opportunity to leave a lasting mark on your audience’s minds.

3. Don’t worry about solving the whole problem

Every part of the problem that you have solved, matters. That just means that the problem that used to be so big and intimidating is now weaker than it was yesterday. Thus, let me emphasize that you definitely do not have to solve the entire problem to make an impact. Instead of worrying about how far you are from completely solving a big problem, strive to focus on the fact that you have already provided a solution that is making people feel closer and more relieved. You are already producing a positive feeling among your audience, and there’s no greater way to keep people interested in your business than making them feel good.

Your goal should not only be achieving success in your business; it should also be to making an impact on others.

What then is that particular pain that your business will strive to end? And how will you realistically and viably achieve this? Go ahead and post your thoughts in the comments below!