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MBA2462 Q&A Wednesday: Do I need to offer more products? How many is too many?

Are you a busy entrepreneur juggling a bunch of products, worried your customers might get lost in the shuffle? In today’s cutthroat market, finding the Goldilocks zone between too little and too much is crucial. But how do you know if your product lineup hits the sweet spot or overwhelms potential buyers?

In this episode, Omar tackles a burning question from Patrick, a coding expert and online teacher. Omar delves deep into the concept of the value ladder, outlining strategies to align your products with customer progression. Drawing on examples from successful businesses like Apple, he shares expert advice on product tiering, streamlining offerings, and understanding the psychological buying journey. Whether you’re grappling with product overload or contemplating expanding your catalog, this episode promises to shed light on how to effectively curate your products for maximum impact and sales.

Don’t miss out on these actionable tips and business insights. Tune in to give your product strategy the clarity and direction it needs. Press play now to elevate your business savvy and ensure you’re not leaving your customers scratching their heads in product confusion.


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